Garment Lockers enable easy distribution of clean, hygienic workwear to employees, eliminating the need for staffed changing rooms.
The integral service door allows the laundry service provider to deposit freshly laundered workwear.
Secure individual user compartments ensure personnel are suitably attired at all times and prevent loss, damage or theft.
Options and accessories are available to cater for more specific storage requirements.

Robust welded and riveted steel construction.
Rebated frames to prevent leveraged access.
2,000 compartment key variations – ensures users can only access their own compartments.
Master key option for key operated locks.

Various locker compartment size options – flexibility to match individual apparel requirements with laundry service frequency.
Optional slope tops and stands to facilitate cleaning procedures and improve housekeeping.
Optional seat stands for easier clothing and footwear changing.
Identical service door lock on all units – allows supervisory access with a single key when compartment keys are lost or missing.

Prominent colours: for practical differentiation – Mid Grey/Royal Blue or Mid Grey/Cherry Red.
Fresh colours: to project a clean and hygienic locker room – Mid Grey/Lime Green or Mid Grey/Lemon Yellow.
Contemporary colours: for a modern and stylish look – All Mid Grey or Mid Grey/Graphite Grey.
Also available: Stainless Steel lockers for some product types.

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Garment Locker Range

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Garment Locker Three Compartment

3 Compartment

Extra large capacity compartments
approx 13-14 folded garments each

Garment Locker Five Compartment

5 Compartment

Large capacity compartments
approx 7-8 folded garments each

Garment Locker Ten Compartment

10 Compartment

Medium capacity compartments
approx 3-4 folded garments each

15 Compartment

Small capacity compartments
approx 2-3 folded garments each

Garment Locker Twenty Compartment

20 Compartment

Extra small capacity compartments
approx 1-2 folded garments each

Garment Locker Collector

Garment Collector

Centralised hygienic collection of soiled garments (approx 30-40)

Garment Locker Five Compartment and Collector

5 Comp. & Collector

Medium capacity compartments
- for small installations

Garment Locker Single Door

Single Door Lockers

Various configurations for folded garments or hanging garments

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Locker Top

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Door Colour

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Other Options

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Locker Stand

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  • All lockers are supplied fully assembled