Global Garment Lockers

Our Garment Lockers are an integral part of the service offered by textile services businesses. This distinct group of products is designed with future reconditioning in mind. Garment Lockers are easily assembled and dismantled and use several common parts, allowing us to operate an efficient reconditioning process to a consistently high standard.

Roller Towel Cabinets

Roller Towel Cabinets remain a popular choice for a wide range of end users. We have reconditioned cabinets from various manufacturers for many years and currently work in partnership with the market leader using original parts and reproducing their final quality control and packaging procedures.

  • Why should I return my used Garment Lockers & Roller Towel Cabinets for reconditioning?
  • Reconditioned Garment Lockers & Roller Towel Cabinets offer a significant financial saving compared to equivalent new units.
  • Some Garment Lockers can be converted from one type to another which increases versatility to meet future demand.
  • Reconditioned Garment Lockers are fitted with new compartment doors, so combining new and reconditioned units in a single installation is feasible.
  • Reconditioned Roller Towel Cabinets are all fitted with new top doors and original internal components as required.
  • Returning your used stock to us for reconditioning helps to keep your premises uncluttered and reduces waste disposal costs.
  • Participating sites incur no additional transport costs as used stock is collected when we deliver fresh stock (using the same vehicle).
  • Global will hold your reconditioned stock until you are ready to order it back in whatever quantities you require.
  • Reconditioning your used stock reduces your environmental impact and enhances your Green credentials.
  • We do not recondition Storage Lockers or Storage Cabinets. Their design means it isn't practicable or efficient to recondition these units.


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