Our Locker Room Planning page has tips on what to consider before setting up your installation. Here are some of our top frequently asked questions covering our products and services.

Why choose Global Industries NW Ltd?

Global is the only UK company specialising in the supply of Garment Lockers to textile services businesses. We believe that companies in this sector require a very accessible and responsive supplier that understands their product and service requirements. Our extensive experience and collaborative approach allows us to reduce the burden on our customers allowing them to focus on their core business. All calls and emails are answered by someone who can deal with every aspect of your enquiry.

What's the difference between Garment Lockers and Storage Lockers?

Garment Lockers have multiple compartments for individual users and an integral service door to allow laundry service personnel access to the entire unit with a single key operation. Storage Lockers are intended for personal property and have multiple compartments for individual users but do not have an integral service door so compartments must be accessed independently.

Missing keys - keyless locker solutions?

A high turnover of agency staff can cause difficulties with missing keys. We can supply 3-digit combination compartment locks which can quickly and easily replace the key locks in situ. Numbers are engraved on the inner barrel which can be recovered via the key operated service door when re-allocating to a new user.

How are lockers secured in their positions?

Garment Lockers are designed to be freestanding or seated without fixings on the stands. Both the stands and the bases of the lockers have fixing holes to allow both parts to be bolted together if required. The lockers side and back panels have nesting holes to allow the lockers to be bolted together or to the walls for greater stability.

Can we upgrade to slope top units?

Some customers need to upgrade to slope top units for improved hygiene and housekeeping purposes. We stock retro-fit slope tops for our Garment Locker range which are supplied with fixings for quick and easy fitting in-situ. We do not supply retro-fit slope tops for any of our Storage Locker range.

We have stock to return for reconditioning. When can you collect from us?

See service notice here
We collect Garment Lockers and Roller Towel Cabinets for reconditioning when we are making a simultaneous delivery. If you don't have an order due for delivery, you can send your stock to us during the following times: Mon-Thurs 8am-4pm, Fri 8am-12pm

Do you recondition Storage Lockers?

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We do not recondition any Storage Lockers or Storage Cabinets.This range of products is far more extensive and they are less modular in design which means it isn't practicable or efficient to recondition these units.

Your driver collected some stock from us but left behind some units. Why?

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Some units offered to us are in very poor condition and cannot be reconditioned. Our driver decides which units are beyond repair and will explain the reasons why. These units should be disposed of locally.

What delivery service do you offer for your lockers?

Most orders are delivered on our own vehicles within 2 weeks of order. We have a range of other delivery options to meet more urgent requirements. Contact us for more information. All orders are delivered to a single ground floor position unless agreed otherwise with us in advance.

Can you supply components quickly?

We offer a Rapid Dispatch Service for locks, keys, labels, retro-fit slope tops and easy-fit stands. These components are all available from stock.

How are the lockers packaged?

All lockers are supplied fully assembled. Lockers are packaged sufficiently to prevent transit damage when delivered on our own vehicles with our own experienced drivers. This speeds up handling for site positioning and minimises waste disposal costs. Lockers despatched by sub-contract transport are usually fully packaged and palletised to eliminate handling and transit damage.


Any other questions?
Call 01928 577846 or email info@globalindustries.co.uk