Locker Room Planning

Locker Room Planning Dimensions

Check the current number of permanent employees, agency or temporary staff and possible future additional capacity.

Some people may only require secure storage for keys, phones, wallets or purses so a small compartment may be sufficient.
Others may have bags, lunchboxes or clothing so a larger compartment may be required.
Consider staff who may need to store rigid items such as cycle or motorbike helmets.

Check the locker dimensions together with the recommended aisle widths in the above diagram.
A combination of different size lockers in each locker room may be appropriate for the items being stored.
Consider different locker solutions for the male and female locker rooms depending on storage requirements.

Sloping top lockers prevent the accumulation of litter and stands allow floor cleaning access beneath the locker.
Factor in the additional locker height of these components.

Single and double locker stands can be supplied with adjustable feet to overcome uneven floors.

Consider using free standing benches or integral seat stands to aid footwear changing.

Vented doors improve air circulation inside the locker compartments.
Mesh Lockers provide maximum airflow.
5, 10 & 15 Compartment Garment Lockers, Garment Collectors, and Single Stands are now available in Stainless Steel to cope with damp environments, low ambient temperatures, and more rigorous cleaning procedures.

Vented doors allow compartment inspection from outside the locker.
Vision Panel Lockers allow visual inspection without the problem of dust.

Our Garment Service Locker (in our Storage Lockers range) has an integral garment compartment for laundry service access which doesn’t allow access to the personal storage compartments beneath.

Choose from traditional key operated locks, padlockable handles or coin return locks depending on the locker type.
Combination locks offer a keyless locker solution.

Alternative colours aid differentiation of garment types or working areas.
Consider alternative colours for male and female changing rooms.

We can supply a choice of labelling solutions including numeric, alphanumeric or you own choice of characters such as locker users’ names.
Consider segregating ‘soiled garments’ from those ‘for repair’ by suitable labelling of the Garment Collectors.

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