Self Service Repairs

All components are available from stock via our regular delivery service or our Rapid Dispatch Components service.

Self Service Repairs

Replacement Locks

Locker Preset Combination Lock
Example - Preset Combination

Problem: Lost keys, broken locks or alternative lock type preferred

  • All four of our Garment Locker compartment lock options are interchangeable
  • Key operated locks can be changed on site to a keyless solution such as combination locks or handle fittings
  • Locks are quick and easy to remove and refit using basic tools
  • Replacement locks are supplied with the necessary fixings
  • Click here for more information on our range of locks

Retro-fit Slope Tops

Problem: Flat top lockers are accumulating unhygienic debris

  • Slope tops prevent the build up of unhygienic debris on top of the lockers
  • This is especially important in premises where hygiene is very important such as food production businesses
  • They also benefit businesses who demand a high level of general housekeeping and premises presentation
  • Existing flat top Garment Lockers can be upgraded on site using our retro-fit slope tops
  • Retro-fit slope tops are supplied with two fixing options (nuts & bolts / rivets)
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Locker Stands

Locker Regular Stand Double H 150 mm
Example - Double Stand

Problem: Floor standing lockers are hindering our cleaning routines

  • Locker stands elevate the units allowing access for floor cleaning beneath the locker
  • Regular locker stands are designed to seat the lockers without fixings to speed up installations
  • Lockers and stands are pre-drilled to allow both parts to be bolted together if preferred
  • Regular stands can be supplied with or without the appropriate fixings as required
  • Tall stands and locker seat stands are supplied with fixings as standard
  • Click here for more photos (scroll down to Garment Locker Options Gallery)

Reconditioning Kits

Locker Reconditioning Kit Pliers and Screwdriver

Problem: We have used lockers in good condition but they are substandard for new installations
We now supply reconditioning kits that will enable you to achieve a high standard finish suitable for a new installation.
Each kit consists of the following:

  • Full set of compartment doors
  • Door hinge rod spacers
  • Full set of compartment locks c/w 2 keys
  • One service door lock c/w 2 keys
  • One set of Premium labels
  • One page of guidance notes